insolent rudder

I wrote a story about a car accident.

The car accident was really not a car accident – but a truck accident.

The truck accident happened somewhere in Appalachia.

It is beautiful there but I would never want to live there.

The story is about cold and hungry Appalachian people.

Sometimes these people don’t speak correctly.

I think that’s okay as long as they can understand one another.

One of the characters is named SAM PINK.

I think that’s okay as long as I say that it’s not the real SAM PINK….

….but maybe a colder and hungrier and altogether Appalachian version.

READ: http://www.insolentrudder.net/spring2009_Newfound_Gap.html

I am bored at work and am discretely typing a story in brief and caffinated hiatuses.

It’s about unconscionable mattresses.

It’s titled “unconscionable mattresses”

Does that sound like something someone would want to read sometime someday for some reason?

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