I don't have a house, have a dad, but am not sure if my dad has leftovers

mark baumer read a story i wrote and emailed me. i googled mark baumer and discovered he is the man behind everyday yeah. i have visited everyday yeah several times before but I did not know mark baumer until today.

google gave me a story mark wrote a long time ago. i'm assuming it was written by the same mark baumer. you can read it here: http://www.eclectica.org/v11n2/baumer.html

it reminds me of one of those early pynchon short stories where you feel weird things are moving behind the narrator’s eyes (I can’t explain it any other way)

i emailed mark baumer back. he emailed me back. i emailed him back again. he emailed me back again. then i emailed him back again. then he emailed me again.

it was fun.

you can read mark baumer interview (?) me here: http://everydayyeah.com/adammoorad

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